In detail the results were:

Number of eligible voters: 1171

Number of votes cast: 452, which represents a 38.6% turn-out

Number of Yes votes: 433  (95.8%)

Number of No votes: 19 (4.2%)

Number of rejected ballot papers: 0

This is a better than average result.  The May 2019 edition of the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government Neighbourhood Planning Newsletter provides the following information:

Over 750 successful neighbourhood planning referendums have taken place across the country.

The average turnout is 32%

The average ‘yes’ vote is 89%.

Thank you to members who have supported the management committee, including responding to all the various consultations along the way, attending AGMs and helping with flyer delivery.

The Plan aims to protect the openness of the Green Belt, rural character, community facilities, views and natural features in the Woodford Neighbourhood Area, whilst allowing limited, small-scale housing and employment development that is in keeping with its character.

You can view the amended Woodford Neighbourhood Plan here.

A Flipbook version of the Plan is here.