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Searching the Directory – this is quite simple. Currently there are 8 categories for you to choose from which will hopefully make your search a lot quicker and more effective. Click on the GMDF Directory page on the menu at the head of the website or on the icons on the home page. A list of categories etc will come up. Click on Advanced Search. This will take you to the following dialogue box.

GMDF Direcory Search Box

If you know the name of the person you are searching for then enter it under “name” otherwise leave it blank. If you are looking for a Choreographer then select Choreographer from the drop down list. In that case this would probably be enough and you can proceed straight to the search buuton on the bottom left of the screen.

If you are looking for a 30 year old actress, you would select actress from the drop down box and select the age bracket you require and hit “search”. This will bring up all actresses in that age bracket.

If you are looking for an actor who performs in musical theatre, the best thing to do would be to select actor and “I only perform in Musicals”. In theory this should bring up all “Musical male actors”.

If you need to repeat your search don’t forget to hit the “clear” button on the bottom left before you make your new selections.

Contacting the person / society in whom you are interested – when you have found what you are looking for hit the “view” button on the bottom right and a contact form will appear. This is straight forward, you just type in your message and hit send. Captcha is in operation at this point to help prevent spam.

Creating a listing – once you have logged in you simply hit the link at the bottom left of the screen and this will take you to the listing submission page. This is pretty straightforward to be honest and is essentially in 3 sections, name, details and image. You select the category under which you wish to be listed and hit “continue”. You will then arrive at the details page, you simply fill in your details as per the form and hit “continue”. Captcha is in operation at this point to help prevent spam.

Try to be concise here as a “War and Peace” approach will just put people off. You can include links in this section which could be particularly useful for props ‘n’ frocks listings. It is also a good idea to keep your information up to date via the “edit listing” facility. Can’t say this one often enough – this is the internet and anything you put here is public.

The next part of the submission process is the image section. You can either skip this altogether or upload a suitable image. When you have done that you are ready to submit your listing. This will then be approvd by the administrators (real human beings) and then published.

Editing a listing – simply login to the site and click the link to Edit a listing. Select your listing by entering your name in he first box and when you have found your listing(s) click on the “edit” button on the bottom right of the screen.

Logging Out – when you have finished editing / creating your listing click on the “User” page underneath the Directory on the menu at the top of the site and you will be taken to your user page where you can logout.

What’s On and Classifieds – To help you find a production in the GMDF Diary you can click on the “What’s On” menu link and the GMDF Diary will open in a new tab so that you can easily switch between the Diary and the Directory. Similarly there is a link to the “classified” section. From there you can easily place an advert for whatever it is you are looking for eg a performer, some props / costumes or a director if you didn’t find what you were looking for in the Directory.

Social Media Share – if you wish to either share your own listing or someone else’s on FB, Twitter or G+, hit the “view” button the the share icons will appear at the bottom of the listing below the contact section.

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